In 1938, Janie Hammit Children's Home was founded to serve children in need. Today, Janie Hammit Children's Home is a group foster home for females, ages 12-17, who are dependent, neglected, or abused, and have been placed by the Department of Social Services, the Juvenile Court, or Parental Placements. The Home can serve up to sixteen girls at one time. Last year, we served a total of thirty-eight residents. Our Home serves the Southwest Virginia area. We strive to provide a homelike atmosphere for the children and meet all of their needs. We use community resources to help provide the children's educational, recreational, spiritual, emotional and medical needs.

The Home provides two separate programs, a Behavior Modification Program and an Independent Living Skills Building Program. The Behavior Modification Program provides twenty-four hour supervision, and is for those children that have behavioral problems. The Independent Living Program provides limited supervision while allowing the children to learn and implement skills designed to prepare them to live on their own. Within these two main programs, Behavior Modification and Independent Living, the home provides numerous additional services. Each child is provided with Independent Living Classes, Social Skills Classes, therapy, psychiatric consults, educational program, Substance Abuse Program, Anger Management Classes, and daily Behavior Modification Program.

Speedway Children's Charities makes available grant monies to help provide staff training, educational materials to implement both of our programs, as well as, hands on training and activities for our resident's in the Social Skills Program. Without this funding, we would not be able to utilize the vital components needed to grant the opportunity for our resident's to succeed.

The objectives of providing our children with training and implementation in Independent Living and Social Skills are vital in helping make the children we serve a more productive citizen. Another essential part of our overall programming is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, exercise and participating in recreational activities. Not only does this aide one in a physical sense, but also allows positive outlets for emotional responses, such as, anger, irritation, frustration, etc.

Above all, Janie Hammit Children's Home has the main goal to offer each child love, patience, and stability while teaching them the skills they need to become a successful, productive person. "It is truly remarkable how a child can blossom with the proper love, support, and encouragement that every child deserves. It is such a blessing to be a part of each one of these girl's journey to finding herself," says Megan McConnell, Executive Director.