As early as the 3rd grade, Audrey did not like seeing students stressed and pressured to find a teacher, principle, or student for lunch money. She worried with this year after year until she entered the 8th grade in 2004 making her mind up that she would do something about it. The humanitarian in Audrey said, "no one should go without a meal, this day in time." When she was 13 years old, in 8th grade she devised a plan that would solve the problem.

Audrey Cloyd founded a meal service program for students called, Food for Thought© out of genuine concern for students at Science Hill High School when they did not have a pre-packed lunch or lunch money (for whatever reason) to purchase a traditional lunch. Most high schools have a "no-charge" policy; leaving no back-up plan when students do not have lunch provisions.

Audrey developed the program and presented it to the school board for approval in March of 2005. With unanimous approval, Food for Thought started providing meals in March of 2005.

To date, Food for Thought has provided lunch meals for over 5000 students. Principal, David Chupa says, "No student goes without a meal now, thanks to Food for Thought©." Food for Thought© is in its 5th Academic school year and continues to be a success all thanks to Audrey's efforts to make something happen. Food for Thought receives funding from many different avenues and was recently awarded a grant from the Bristol Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities. "We're thrilled to be a supporter of Audrey's wonderful program that reaches so many children" said SCC Executive Director Claudia Byrd. "Food for Thought is helping meet a real need in our community and we know that the organization will grow and help more children in the years to come."