The Make-A-Wish Foundation of East Tennessee serves some incredibly brave and special children who reside in northeast Tennessee and are living with life-threatening medical conditions. Our mission is to give these children hope, strength and joy through the granting of a once in a lifetime wish.

HOPE... so they can get through the emotional and physical stresses they face each day
STRENGTH... to fight their disease and look towards the future.
JOY... to experience the magic a wish can bring to them and their family.

So often these children spend their days in hospitals or clinics. They feel powerless in the face of their disease and often feel like they've lost control of their life. This is where the Foundation steps in and lets them know that their community cares about them, that their life can get better and that there is something to fight for and look forward to. The children determine their one special heartfelt wish and then help plan their wish. This planning and anticipation can give them back their sense of control and help them feel that they have influence over their life once again. Whether they wish to go somewhere exciting, meet someone they admire, have something given to them such as a room redecoration or a shopping spree, or be something such as a policeman, a fashion designer... we bring their fantasies to life. Dr. Ronald Louie a pediatric hematology/oncology physician said, "The folks at Make-A-Wish help create magical and wonderful moments, fulfilling the dreams of the sickest kids in ways no therapy can." We like to say that the doctors provide the medicine and we provide the magic.

We are so grateful to the Speedway Children's Charities for their continued support of our ‘wish kids'. They have helped grant so many wishes in northeast Tennessee and given our children so many wonderful opportunities for fun and escape. Their support goes beyond monetary support; their caring, compassion and warmth extends to our children in numerous ways throughout the year. We are blessed to have this organization in our area and to be a recipient of their kindness, generosity and love for children in need.

With great appreciation and admiration,

Wendy Belanger
Northeast Tennessee Coordinator
Make-A-Wish Foundation of East Tennessee