November 13th was such a wonderful evening for SCC. Giving away $575,000 was something we only dreamed about when we first started the Bristol chapter.

Being able to raise this much money for our region says so much about how truly good people are and how much support we receive. Every year it seems we're able to add to the total and we could never do that if it wasn't for the number of folks out there who are not just willing to open their hearts but their check books as well.

I think it's remarkable that with the economic difficulties we're all facing right now that we were able to raise more money than last year and help so many agencies and children. There's just not a better feeling in the entire world. The Night of Smiles is all about the kids and I could not be prouder of the fact that we're able to make a difference in so many children's lives. It is by far my favorite night of the year!

Claudia Byrd
Chair of the Bristol Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities